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GHA Golden Hard Anodizing

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GHA® is an innovative Japanese technology for coating aluminium parts. It consists in a special hard anodizing in which silver ions are diffused in the coating film.
Therefore surfaces with GHA® coating has the specific properties of silver:

  • high antibacterial and antimildew capability
  • corrosion resistance
  • self-lubrication and wear resistance
  • thermal conductivity
  • fire and heat resistance
  • heat absorption and re-emission in the ultra infrared frequency
  • anti-static properties.


  • parts of industrial machines
  • automotive parts
  • parts of office machines
  • parts subjected to wear and corrosion
  • kitchenwares and appliances
  • homewares and home accessories
  • electronic and semiconductors parts
  • radiators, heat exchangers, solar panels
  • clothing, heating blankets, carpets
  • filters for air conditioners.
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